HP Printers

So you’re in the market for a new HP printer? We recommend investing in an HP laser printer over an inkjet printer.

The ink in inkjet printers dries up quickly if you don’t use the printer all the time, especially in Colorado’s dry climate. When that happens the inkjet printer stops working and most of the time the cost of fixing it is more than what it costs to buy a new one.

Unfortunately inkjet printers are designed to be disposable.

Laser printers are more efficient and reliable over the long term. They do require more of a monetary investment upfront, but the long-term benefits pay for that.

You won’t have to buy a new printer every year like you would with an inkjet. Plus printer toner lasts much longer than ink bringing further long-term savings to you.

Laser printers produce a high quality print, and unlike the inkjet printers, they print quickly and quietly. They’re able to produce a higher number of pages, which is of benefit if you’re printing all the time.

HP laser printers we recommend:

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Refurbished HP printers

We also offer refurbished HP laser printers for sale. Contact us today to learn more.

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