We often hear from people in the Denver Metro area seeking repair on an inkjet printer, and our response is consistent: It’s not worth fixing. You’re better off investing in a new machine.

If you find yourself in the market for a new printer, before buying another inkjet, consider the following reasons why it’s worth it to invest in a laser printer.

Toner lasts longer than ink

The biggest benefit of laser printers is their use of toner rather than ink. Toner is a powder mixture made from granulated plastics that allows for greater printing accuracy and control.

If you don’t use your inkjet printer all the time the ink dries up. Toner doesn’t do that. Toner lasts way longer than ink, especially in Colorado’s dry climate.

Lower cost per page

While laser printers require more of an upfront investment, they print significantly more pages per toner cartridge, compared to an inkjet printer.

This results in an overall lower cost per page to print, meaning laser printers actually save you money in the long run.

Faster printing speed

Laser printers are designed to accommodate the demands of the workplace with a much faster printing speed.

They can print up to 100 pages per minute, compared to an inkjet’s average of only 16 pages per minute.

This saves you time, especially if you’re printing larger documents.

Better for the environment

Inkjets are cheaper up front, but they are not designed to last very long, and they are not easy to repair since parts are not always available for them.

This makes inkjet printers disposable, especially if you don’t print much. The majority of these poorly designed, disposable machines end up in landfills, so certainly not the best choice for the environment.

Make sure to recycle your machine responsibly. Find a recycle center near the Denver Metro area here.

The only exception…

The exception to buying an inkjet instead of a laser printer is if you regularly need to print color photos. Laser printers don’t support glossy photo paper.

If you want to print photos, but don’t do it all the time, you’d be better off ordering prints online from a local print shop. This comes with minimal costs compared to having to buy a new inkjet printer once a year.

Ready to invest in a new laser printer and toner?

Now that you see the benefits to investing in a laser printer, you’re a much more educated consumer! Ready to invest in a new laser printer?

If you’re in need of onsite laser printer repair repair and/or maintenance, contact us here today to schedule service.